Assessment Only

The Assessment Only route takes into account an individual’s past and present work experience; you are potentially able to qualify in a much shorter timeframe than if you were to undertake a PGCE and / or SCITT teacher training. You will also benefit from remaining in paid employment throughout your assessment, with the chance of improved promotion prospects after you have fully qualified, along with an increased salary (qualified teachers typically earn, on average, at least £6000 more than their unqualified colleagues).

Please contact Kirti Gupta at or on 01494 787573 if you need any further information on the Assessment Only route. 

Government guidance: Assessment only route to QTS: criteria and supporting advice

How to Apply for AO

To apply:

  • Talk to your school about supporting you in the assessment only route to QTS. Then complete this self evaluation form

Once we have received this self evaluation form and reviewed it we will ask you to: 

Once we have received your application documents and reviewed them we will be in touch to set up the initial visit.  At this point your school will be invoiced £500 which is deductible from the final amount. 

You will need to show evidence of Fundamental Proficiencies in English and Maths as part of your QTS evidence portfolio.  

If you experience any issues with accessing any of the linked documents, please contact