Why Teach?

Teachers make a difference.  A good teacher can be the difference between a child falling through the cracks or developing a newly discovered interest that could become their lifelong passion or career.  By inspiring and supporting the next generation, teachers can have a profound impact on society.  There are very few other professions that will provide the same sense of achievement and accomplishment. 

Teaching is a career which offers the chance to inspire students in a subject that you love, whilst giving you the opportunity to use and develop a wide range of skills. 

In addition to planning and teaching a range of engaging lessons, you can indulge in your hobbies and interests as part of your work, by getting involved in after-school clubs, trips, or sport. 

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Teaching offers a competitive salary and great benefits.  As a teacher, you will earn a competitive, secure salary and have access to a wealth of other benefits, from a generous pension to up to 13 weeks of holiday allowance - so you can look forward to a career that is both personally and financially rewarding. 

A career with a future: teachers learn as well as teach. As a teacher you can use your knowledge and passion for your subject to help children unlock capabilities and talents that they did not even know they had. You will develop a wide range of transferable skills for yourself in the process. 

Teachers master new subjects: keeping up to date with the latest innovations in teaching and in technology, whilst developing their own learning. They are exposed to child and educational psychology and best practices in education. Teaching offers great personal development in areas such as public speaking, time management and organisational skills.

The Golden Thread of Teacher Development is a key strategy for the Department for Education, and provides evidence-informed, research-based professional development programmes, designed for each stage of your career. 

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Once qualified, there are many chances for good teachers to climb the career ladder and find opportunities for employment within the local area and beyond.

Schools within Buckinghamshire are committed to the continuous professional development of our teachers, and realise the importance of the need for continued training and support throughout your career.