What does Intensive Training and Practice involve?

ITAP is a new curriculum element of all ITT courses leading to QTS from September 2024. It involves:

  • an intensive focus on theoretical learning for an area of teaching e.g. setting classroom routines

  • putting this theoretical learning into practice immediately in the classroom

  • getting expert, focused feedback on the practice

Accredited ITT providers will design and deliver ITAP as part of their curriculum, the focus of ITAP and how this is delivered may vary slightly between each provider. Some elements of ITAP will need to take place in a school environment, such as observation of strong practice and live classroom practice which schools can volunteer to host.

ITAP is separate to the trainee’s school placements. Schools offering trainee school placements may also decide to support practice elements of the ITAP but they do not have to. Equally, schools do not have to offer trainee placements to be involved in ITAP, and some schools have expertise that would make them particularly well placed to support delivery of ITAP.

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