Benefits of Offering ITT Placements

Many schools view supporting the training of the next generation of teachers as part of their professional purpose. 

In addition, offering ITT placements can benefit each school directly:

ITT can support schools and staff in many ways (2)


1 Improving Teacher Recruitment & Retention

Having ownership of ITT means that schools can directly influence what teachers learn and what they experience from the very beginning of their careers. ITT trainees not only become experts within their subjects, but also become experts with the context of each host school.

Schools and trusts that engage in Initial Teacher Training by providing placements to trainees, often retain their trainees as ECTs, supporting recruitment and ensuring new recruits are aligned with their values and ethos.


2 Improving Professional Development

Mentoring provides an excellent development opportunity for experienced teachers. Many schools find that having staff involved in mentoring trainees and new teachers has a positive impact on teaching practice across the school. Regularly reflecting on and articulating what makes effective teaching is highly beneficial for individual development and for school improvement.

Engaging in Initial Teacher Training supports a school-wide (or trust-wide) approach to professional development from trainees through to senior leaders.

Participating schools will have ongoing access to support from ITT Providers and their wider networks. 


3 Intensive Training and Practice

The introduction of the new element to all ITT training programmes, Intensive Training and Practice (ITAP) offers new opportunities for all schools.  Schools do not have to offer ITT placements to be involved in Intensive Training and Practice (ITAP).  Some schools have particular expertise that would make them especially well placed to support the delivery of ITAP.

Schools which do currently offer trainee school placements may also decide to support practice elements of the ITAP, but they do not have to. 

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