Registering ECTs for 2023/24

Registration Process

How to register an ect for induction 1

Schools are now required to register with the following:

1. Appropriate Body - all schools are required to register with an Appropriate Body in order for statutory induction to be recognised with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)

If you would like to register your ECT with the Astra Appropriate Body, please complete the form below. Once completed, we will be in touch to provide guidance on next steps to ensure that your ECT is fully registered and able to begin their induction.

Click here to complete the form

2. DfE Online Service - all schools are required to provide information to the DfE regarding their Induction Tutor, Mentors and ECTs as well as the chosen ECF-based training programme and Appropriate Body the school will be using

3. ECF Lead Provider - this is only required for schools choosing Option 1 (using a DfE-funded provider-led training programme). Further information on accessing the DfE-funded training programme through Astra Teaching School Hub is here

If you have any questions, please contact Paula Casey ( for more information.


Registration Deadline Dates

In most circumstances Astra Appropriate Body will commence induction for an ECT from the beginning of an academic term, schools are advised to contact Astra for guidance regarding mid-term starters. Schools must register by the following dates to ensure induction can commence promptly:

For September 2023 start: 13th September 2023

For January 2024 start: 11th January 2024

For April 2024 start: 23rd April 2024